Local Food Policy

At the Food Foundation, we work with local and regional policymakers, universities, schools and community organisations across the UK to support the creation of fairer and more resilient local food systems.

We offer local stakeholders strategic support in developing local food system strategies and effective governance mechanisms as well as providing them with access to national policymakers and industry leaders through our advocacy and engagement programme of work.

In collaboration with academics and researchers we develop evidence-based solutions to support innovation and implementation of place-based pilots that have potential to shape and transform local and national food policy.

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Local Authority Knowledge Exchange Networks

UK Urban Food Forum

The UK Urban Food Forum (UK-UFF) has been established to provide a collaborative platform for urban Local Authorities to address challenges, share best practices, and innovate in the field of sustainable and healthy food systems. It draws inspiration from the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), emphasising the need for equity, inclusivity, and effective governance in food policy.

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(Please note this data being stored by The Food Foundation and collected on behalf of Birmingham City Council).

Use the upload form to share any resources and documentation that can support others working in local government to deliver food system change in their cities and towns (e.g. can include anything from your new food and catering strategy, food procurement tender specifications, examples of healthier advertising policies, urban growing strategies, food waste management policies, food justice initiatives etc.). Please only share the resources that are publicly available. All resources will be stored in a closed google drive and shared with other network members via email.

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