Council briefing paper

Making the business case for a city council food policy team or lead

Food matters for almost every part of our lives. It dictates our health, centres our communities, shapes our environment and is a huge part of our economy.

Yet, strong leadership on food within city councils across the UK is relatively rare. This is despite the fact that there are many ways in which council strategy and policy shapes how the food system operates both within the immediate area and surrounding region.

Very few local authorities in the UK have a dedicated food team or officer working across a broad spectrum of food related issues.

Food might be addressed by policy teams located in a number of directorates within a council, but a cohesive approach, recognising the interconnectivity of food related issues and appointing a team to work strategically across departments, is difficult to find.

This report aims to answer what are the benefits of a food lead, what are the impacts and outcomes generated and is there evidence of a return on investment?

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