Multibuy letter to retailers

Call for retailers to end HFSS promotions

We've joined health charities, food campaign organisations and medical bodies in writing to retailers expressing our concern at the Government’s decision to delay the incoming multi-buy price promotions restrictions in England.

These are designed to limit excessive purchasing of food and drink high in fat, salt and/or sugar (HFSS).

We strongly urge all retailers to do the right thing for children’s health, and not allow the Government’s hesitation to erode or divert their efforts to phase out multi-buy HFSS promotions by October 2023.

We know in the midst of current cost of living pressures, retailers want to offer the best value to their customers, but now more than ever it is vital for families to be able to afford nutritious food.

However, the evidence is clear that multi-buy promotions on HFSS food do not save people money and can act to displace healthier food and drink from shopping baskets.

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