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72% of the public support the expansion of Free School Meals

Free School Meals guarantee children in low income families a hot, nutritious meal at lunchtime. They support families with the rising cost of living, help pupils engage in learning, enhance academic performance, and improve health. 

However, the income threshold to be eligible for Free School Meals is currently so low that 800,000 children living in poverty are not able to receive this vital nutritional safety net.

Today marks the launch of Feed the Future, a campaign calling for the expansion of eligibility for Free School Meals to all children in households on Universal Credit. The campaign is led by a coalition of charities, including The Food Foundation, who all view expanding eligibility as an effective way to support families that are struggling during the cost of living crisis. We conducted a public opinion survey with YouGov to see if the English public feel the same way and this is what we found: 

To show your support for the expansion of Free School Meals,  write to your MP here

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