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Food Cities 2022

Cities play a major role in transforming food systems. The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) launched in 2015 was the first time that political leads of cities clearly demonstrated their desire for local, global and collective action towards healthier, more sustainable food systems. Food Cities 2022 is an exciting new initiative that supports cities to develop and implement city led food policies and action plans.

View the video below by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on why we need to change our food system and read the concept note for Food Cities 2022 here.

A Food Cities 2022 online Learning Platform has been created providing cities with instant access to resources, experts and guidance on developing city food strategies. A creative webinar series is also planned and will provide an opportunity for participating cities to show case the progress they are making. Webinar formats will include interviews with experts, case studies (live from the field), debates, live Q&As and workshops.

Background to Food Cities 2022

Food Cities 2022 is an expansion of the learning partnership developed between MUFPP signatory cities in the UK and India. BINDI (Birmingham India Nutrition Initiative) was launched in 2016 through a series of events in Birmingham, UK and Pune, India. The Food Foundation worked with local authorities in both cities to design the partnership based on citizen engagement and evidence from elsewhere around the globe.

Participating in BINDI enabled the cities to:

  • Secure senior political support for a city-wide food policy.
  • Conduct food policy audits to determine levers of influence and change within city authorities.
  • Organise stakeholder and citizen engagement activities to consult on food policy options. In this partnership, stakeholders included business networks, large public sector organisations, voluntary sector organisations and partners working on the Smart City agenda.
  • Secure funding to stimulate healthier, more sustainable food environments.
  • Participate in high-level national and international events to secure political buy-in and galvanise local efforts.

The Food Foundation is now looking to engage cities all over the world through the launch of the Food Cities 2022 Learning Platform. To express interest in participating on behalf of your Local Authority, please complete this form

See here for the Food Cities 2022 Concept Note.

View the Food Cities Learning Platform: