How well have supermarkets supported families through the cost of living crisis?

Cost of living webinar
Thu, 16 May 2024
10:30 - 11:30

The Kid’s Food Guarantee is a set of actions which we think supermarkets (and manufacturers) should have in place as a minimum if we are to effectively tackle rising levels of food insecurity, helping to support low income families to access and afford healthy staple.

These are actions that citizens have told us they are eager to see, and which align with existing areas of focus for food businesses.

Over the last year, we've been measuring the progress retailers are making against each of these actions.

In this webinar, we shared research and key data, comparing retailer performance and progress, as well as showcasing best practice. We'll also be releasing new data on our Lunch box Guarantee area.

We were joined by guest speakers:

  • Gillian Purdon, Chief Nutritionist, Food Standards Scotland 
  • Laura Farrell, Company Nutritionist at Tesco
  • Rebecca Tobi, Senior Business and Investor Engagement Manager, The Food Foundation

Food insecurity (i.e. not having access to enough nutritious, affordable food, or not knowing where your next meal will come from) affects one in five households in the UK.

Food insecurity has increased following the Covid-19 pandemic and has been exacerbated by the cost of living crisis.

We know that households with children are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity, and adequate nutrition is particularly key during early years of childhood, setting the trajectory for future health. 

The Kids Food Guarantee came about as a response to this. Our asks include: