FOOD CITIES 2022: Emergency Food Planning webinar series

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Wed, 02 February 2022
14:00 - 16:00

The pandemic has sharply highlighted the need for cities to prepare themselves for disruptions to their local food system. From November 2021 to February 2022, we hosted a webinar series in which we explored emergency food planning within the context of four different types of food system disruptions.

Throughout the series, cities will learn strategies and be provided with actionable resources to develop emergency food and recovery plans tailored to their city’s unique food system pressures. We also discuss how to gain input from subject matter experts and food system organizations to make sure the plans are efficient, equitable and in alignment with broader sustainability and food system goals.

Speakers include experts, policymakers and practitioners from across the world. Each webinar is accompanied with learning resources and a Tactics to Try case study. We have compiled them into a single resource to provide insight, information and inspiration for cities worldwide, as they plan for recovery, response and resilience against both acute and chronic food emergencies. You can find this via the links below.

The series ran as follows:

1. Strategies for emergency food planning motivated by the pandemic
2. Emergency food plans for refugees, migrants and communities in crisis
3. Planning for filling the gap when food stores are forced to close
4. Emergency food plans in the context of chronic food insecurity
5. A roadmap for creating your city’s emergency food response and recovery plan

The entire series is now available to watch back on the YouTube Playlist. You can also explore the series and all resources, as well as download presentations, at the dedicated section of the FOOD CITIES 2022 Learning Platform.

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