Casual Dining & Restaurant Chains

Our dashboard presents the data in three different formats.

The spider diagrams show a company's performance across multiple issues.

Future-fit companies need to be performing well across multiple issues, rather than focusing only on a few challenges.


Company spider diagram profiles are calculated from performance on metrics within each topic.


Click through to see each company’s profile against multiple issues. Scores closer to the outer ring of the graphic indicate better performance. We also include a potential profile for “2020 Leadership” which takes the best performance across the sector to illustrate what is possible for the sector.

The product vs supply graph shows a company's focus on products vs supply chains.

Future-fit companies need to focus on developing their products and revenues and ensuring their supply chains are both aligned with a healthy and sustainable food system.


Companies are rated on two dimensions: Products and Supply Chains. Ratings for this are calculated from scores on specific metrics from our analysis that relate to healthy and sustainable products, and to sustainable and equitable supply chains accordingly. Companies should aim to be in the top right hand corner.


Hover over the data points to see how each company performs.

The league table shows traffic light score across multiple issues.

Future-fit companies should aim for green lights across all issues.


Traffic light rankings are allocated from the same data used in the spider diagram profiles.


Click on each issue to see how companies compare on specific topics.


Each individual company scorecard can be downloaded below the three graphics, along with a sector summary.

Individual Scorecards

For individual company profiles and full data analysis, please download the relevant scorecard below.

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