Plating Up Progress meat briefing

What are UK food companies doing to support the transition away from industrial meat?

To tackle the climate crisis and meet the UK's net zero target there needs to be a reduction in the production and consumption of animal-based foods, as well as a shift towards more plant foods such as vegetables and pulses.

Plating Up Progress analysis tracks disclosure and target setting across 20 metrics. In this briefing we have focused on the three metrics in the benchmark that track the transition towards less and better meat, finding patchy and inconsistent data reported.

Across all three metrics, data and targets set by the 27 major UK food retail and service companies assessed are lacking.

Although retailers are currently leading the way in the scope and extent of their reporting compared to the out of home sector, the methodologies used differ from company to company, and no company currently has a target for reducing sales of animal-based food.

Watch the video below for a snapshot of why mandatory reporting is needed, and to find out more about a role in our Investor Coalition on UK Food Policy 👇

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