Plating Up progress briefing 2024

Power and Accountability: The evolving landscape for corporate reporting

The food industry shapes our food environment which in turn has a significant impact on our diets and health, our environment, and the lives of those employed by food and beverage companies.

Yet our current food system is driving both a health and climate crisis, calling into question food businesses’ social license to operate.

The UK food system is responsible for 20% of domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and what we eat has become the biggest risk factor for preventable disease, taking a toll on our health and placing an unsustainable strain on health services.

This briefing summarises the current reporting landscape and disclosure requirements for the environmental, social, and health impact of food and beverage businesses within the UK and internationally - revealing of the 15 of the reporting regimes we look at, only one focuses on health.

Watch the video below for a snapshot of why mandatory reporting is needed, and to find out more about a role in our Investor Coalition on Food Policy 👇

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