Why we're backing Climate and Nature Bill

Climate change

We've joined a movement of more than 1,200 organisations, politicians and scientists in signing an open letter in support of the Climate and Nature Bill.

Currently before the House of Commons, it seeks to address gaps in existing legislation to ensure the UK commits to a ‘carbon budget’ to keep warming to 1.5C, actively restores nature in our countryside and towns; and takes responsibility for reducing the nation’s full carbon footprint.

Campaigners say tackling the climate and nature crisis will make local residents and businesses better off, by ensuring homes and properly insulated and energy is less expensive and healthier, by reducing air pollution and encouraging more sustainable diets while supporting UK farmers and food producers.

It could also make them more resilient to the changing climate by reducing the risk from extreme weather events; and happier by restoring nature and protecting our green spaces and the wildlife that depend on it.

The national campaign for the bill is run by Zero Hour, which is helping campaigners across the UK set up similar open letters in their constituencies ahead of the election. 

Dr Amy McDonnell, co-director of Zero Hour, says: "Whoever wins the upcoming election, the climate and nature crisis isn’t going away and it can’t be ignored.

"Over the last year we’ve seen the impact of the crisis on people across the UK, including in this constituency, from floods to heatwaves, to failing crops, and plummeting numbers of our much-loved national wildlife.

"People across the UK are worried, which is why they’re out on the street, raising the alarm."

Ahead of the upcoming General Election, Zero Hour is urging citizens and organisations to join the campaign or write to their local MP urging them to back the bill. For more details click on the link below.

The food system is a major contributor to climate change with a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions linked to food.

That's why The Food Foundation says for the health of our planet and the nation the impact of our food system on the environment must be addressed.

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