We rate the Liberal Democrats manifesto

Lib Democrats Manifesto

The Food Foundation has welcomed elements of the Liberal Democrats Manifesto, which was launched by party leader Sir Ed Davey yesterday.

The publication features a 'rescue package' for farmers and talks about introducing a national food strategy to ensure food security, tackle rising food prices, end food poverty and improve health and nutrition.

Our Executive Director Anna Taylor said: "We welcome the fact that the Liberal Democrat Manifesto covers many of the areas of our food system that desperately need to change if we are to end food insecurity and improve people’s health.

"The commitment to a National Food Strategy shows an understanding that our food system needs to be examined holistically if we are to tackle food related ill-health and improve food security.

"It is good to see the Liberal Democrats wanting to build on the success of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, but they could go further in expanding the levy to unhealthy foods, and in turn, any revenue raised could be used to improve access to nutritious foods for low income families.

"The manifesto makes repeated mention of the struggle that many people across the country are having to be able to afford the food they need.

"That is why the commitment to expand free school meals to all children in poverty, and eventually to all primary school children in England is so welcome.

"This is a policy that already exists in London and is being rolled out in Wales and Scotland. Similarly, the commitment to scrap the two-child limit, and ensure that Universal Credit increases in line with food and bills are essential policies to tackle food insecurity.

"This manifesto correctly notes that climate change is responsible for volatile prices, but we would like to see more policies that would make it easier for people to eat sustainably.

"A Horticulture Strategy, as recommended by the House of Lord’s Horticulture Committee would both do that, and improve the UK’s food security by supporting British farmers to grow more fruit and vegetables."


Meanwhile, our Food Ambassador Magda said: "I am hopeful to see a party pledge to ensure Universal Credit covers life essentials.

"In my local area many individuals and families struggle to make ends meet after migrating to Universal Credit from tax credits, especially those with fluctuating incomes.

"Increases in Universal Credit would make it possible for the low-income families to regain control of and give predictability to their lives and take-away the constant worrying about essentials like rent, bills and food."

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