Reviewing the Reform UK party manifesto

Reform UK manifesto.

The Food Foundation responds to the Reform UK manifesto, which the party describes as a "contract with the people".

It was launched by Nigel Farage at an event in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, and included a targeted for 75% of food to be publicly procured from the UK.

Our Executive Director Anna Taylor said: "Reform UK’s ambition to abolish Net Zero would take our food system in precisely the wrong direction. Their policy to scrap climate-related farming subsidies would be hugely damaging to the sustainability of our food.

"Reform UK have set out a hugely ambitious target for 75% of food that is publicly procured to be from the UK. We welcome that political parties across the spectrum are wanting to use public procurement as a lever to improve our food.

"The Food Foundation’s manifesto, Nourishing the Nation, calls on all political parties to increase the amount of food that is procured locally as well as making health, sustainability and environmental standards mandatory.

"The manifesto does not contain many measures that would ease food insecurity, although we welcome the commitment to grant the Competitions and Markets Authority powers to ensure fair pricing.

"Lifting the income tax threshold could help those who are in work and are struggling with food insecurity, but does not help those who are not working.

"The Reform UK proposal to withdraw benefits from job seekers who do not find work within four months would undoubtedly lead to a rise in those struggling to make ends meet."

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