Learning from Brazil

In 2013 the UK government, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the Government of Brazil co-hosted the Nutrition4Growth (N4G) summit.  At the summit commitments were secured to tackle global undernutrition.  An ongoing relationship between the UK and Brazil would provide an excellent learning opportunity for both countries on food policy issues. 

The Food Foundation is urging the UK Government to use the opportunity of the 2016 Nutrition4Growth Summit to commit to taking action to tackle food insecurity levels.  We have written a policy briefing, proposing that the Government starts measuring annual household food insecurity levels, as part of a wider targeted package to improve the life chances of those UK women and children most at risk of poor diet and food insecurity.  

Ahead of the summit we have also produced a series of posters showcasing Brazilian leadership in tackling hunger through their Zero Hunger programme (launched in 2001).  

Focus on Brazil: School Food 
Focus on Brazil: Leadership and public policy making 
Focus on Brazil: Community Restaurants 
Focus on Brazil: Food Guidelines 
Focus on Brazil: Right to Food 

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