Key takeaways from the Labour Party's manifesto

Labour Party manifesto

The Food Foundation responds to the Labour party's manifesto, launched by Sir Keir Starmer at an event in Manchester.

Some key takeaways include commitments to ban the advertising of junk food to children and the sale of energy drinks to under 16s.

Our Executive Director Anna Taylor said: "Labour’s manifesto commitments to ban the advertising of junk food to children and the sale of energy drinks to under 16s could be good quick wins for any new government, but significantly more will be needed to meet Labour’s ambitious aim to ‘raise the healthiest generation of children in our history’.

"It is encouraging to see politicians acknowledge that if we want to save our NHS, we have to stem the tide of unhealthy food and drink which has flooded supermarkets, high streets and food delivery apps.

"Labour’s proposal to link the minimum wage to the cost of living are welcome, although we are disappointed that the Party is not committing to being rid of the two child benefit limit, a move which would raise 250,000 children out of poverty.

"We welcome the commitment to universal free breakfast clubs for all primary school children. To secure good value for money, and to achieve Labour’s health mission in government, focus would be needed to ensure those breakfasts are nourishing and as healthy as possible to maximise pupil’s education and development.

"The manifesto makes no mention however of ensuring all school children who need it can also have a hot nutritious meal at lunch time, in the middle of the school day.

"This is despite research showing that such provision boosts education attainment and even future earnings, particularly amongst those from the most deprived backgrounds."


Our London-based Food Ambassador Gigi said: "Labour's lack of commitment to scrapping the two-child limit shows a clear pattern in recent previous elections where parties do not recognise the real struggle of not being able to work while needing to provide for kids emotionally, mentally, and physically.

"This leads to a disconnect between the government and the lower class."

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