Fruit and Vegetables Policy Briefing series

Healthy food

The Food Foundation has produced a series of policy briefings exploring the potential health, environmental, resilience and biodiversity impacts of increasing fruit and vegetable production and consumption in the UK.

Four separate publications are now available, drawing on research conducted by Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS), a global research programme using novel techniques to generate and synthesise evidence, and help decision-makers create policies that deliver nutritious and healthy diets in an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable manner.

BRIEFING 1: Is the UK’s supply of fruit and vegetables future proof? Examines the resilience of the UK’s fruit and veg supply in relation to current and recommended consumption.

BRIEFING 2: Pathways to Five-a-Day Explores the health and environmental implications of eating more fruit and veg in the UK.

BRIEFING 3: Pathways to Five-a-Day and Biodiversity Investigates the potential environmental implications of growing more fruit and veg in the UK.

BRIEFING 4: How can policymakers boost fruit and vegetable production and consumption? Proposes policy options for increasing fruit and veg production and consumption.

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