This Children’s Right2Food Dashboard offer users a comprehensive picture of children’s food across England by bringing together data from multiple sources. It particularly focusses on dietary and health inequalities.

As a one-stop visual platform for reliable data and statistics, the dashboard explains a complex picture of public policy for children’s food with the intention of informing evidence-based decisions to drive forward improvements in children’s health and diets.

The dashboard looks at five key themes related to children’s food:

1. Government Programmes – looks at three key children’s food policies – Healthy Start, Free School Meals, and Holiday Provision – and how well these are reaching those in need.

2. Impact on children – looks at the prevalence of poverty and food insecurity in children, and the impact of poor diet on children’s health (diabetes, dental decay, weight and growth).

3. What children eat – contains information on the proportion of children meeting dietary recommendations for health and how this varies across income groups

4. Food environments – draws on evidence from the Food Foundation’s Broken Plate report, which explores how our food environments influence what we eat through what we can afford and access, and how we’re influenced.

5. Policy progress – looks at what progress each of the four nations have made on the policy recommendations in our Children’s Right2Food Charter outlining what changes Government and business need to make to improve Children’s food.


This Dashboard has been created by the Food Foundation with thanks to funding support from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.