Roundtable discussion: Demand-side incentives to fruit and veg consumption

Thu, 24 November 2016
15:00 - 17:00

The Food Foundation and the London Food Board convened a roundtable focussing on demand side incentives to fruit and vegetable consumption.  

During the session, we explored how direct public subsidies, social prescriptions, public planning funds and other policy levers could best be used to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in the UK.  Businesses’ experience of voucher schemes and free fruit and veg programmes were also explored.

We were joined by Gus Schumacher, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Wholesome Wave, a US organisation which works to increase the value of food stamps and other nutrition benefits when spent on fruit and vegetables.  We discovered what works in the US, and discussed what positive changes could be made throughout the UK.

A mix of national and local policy makers, health professionals, businesses, academics and civil society groups were invited to attend the session, with the objective of agreeing 1-2 priority actions for new commitments to incentivise fruit and veg consumption.



  • Teresa Wickham (CGMA Board)
  • Rosie Boycott (London Food Board Chair)


Download Gus Schumacher’s presentation here.


Download the notes from the workshop here.

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