Next steps for food policy in England

Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum
Thu, 21 March 2024
09:00 - 13:00

Our Executive Director Anna Taylor will be a keynote speaker at an upcoming Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum.

The online event, on March 21, will discuss the future for food policy and the agri-food sector in England.

It has been organised against the backdrop of an election year and ambitions outlined in the 2022 Government Food Strategy white paper, with several proposals having been pushed back or delayed, including around HFSS regulation.

The conference has been billed as an opportunity for key stakeholders and policymakers to discuss the way forward for policy, including approaches to addressing cost of living and supply chain issues, and their implications for policy delivery.

Delegates will consider strategic options for tackling key issues for food security, food-related public health and sustainable agriculture and food production, as well as support that may be needed for consumers, the agri-food sector and wider stakeholders.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Tim Lang, Emeritus Professor of Food Policy, City University London
  • Daniel Zeichner MP, Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Anna Taylor, Executive Director, The Food Foundation

Other speakers:

  • Richard Griffiths, Chief Executive, British Poultry Council
  • Dustin Benton, Policy Director, Green Alliance
  • Speaker from Kantar - TBC

Other sessions include:

  • Policy: assessing the current landscape for agriculture and food production in England | issues for the future | alternative approaches going forward
  • Sustainable food production: key priorities and challenges | production costs and supply chain challenges | climate resilient produce | land use | food security and domestic production
  • Public health:
  • promoting healthier consumer choices amidst cost of living challenges | improving the public health environment and tackling obesity
  • industry approaches | HFSS regulation | affordability | inequalities and accessibility | food labelling and public information
  • Food data and transparency: reporting | investment | priorities for public information

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