Veg Pledges

These organisations have pledged to play their part to help everyone in Britain eat an extra portion of veg a day

Below summarises the specific commitments being made by each business or organisation – “The Veg Trailblazers” –  in line with the Peas Please commitments framework.  Each of these pledges has more detail agreed on how the commitments will be monitored etc.  This information is available on request from the Food Foundation.


Scottish Government

In Scotland, the Scottish Government has made commitments across different sectors to encourage veg consumption –  for example, supporting convenience stores with their veg offer, reviewing the Healthy Start scheme, increasing the land available for community growing and reviewing the school food regulations. Read full pledge


Supporting our vegetable growers and producers is of great importance. In particular, we want to support the use of sustainable horticultural practices which improve not only the environment and soil, but also quality of the vegetables produced. One way we are demonstrating our support for growers and producers is with our new online Food Marketplace website, which helps to connect ambitious food SMEs with government departments, schools and hospitals to secure public sector contracts.

“There’s a real opportunity that the horticultural industry, that has been overlooked for far too long, actually get the right kind of support, so that it can grow as an industry and supply our UK market.”  George Eustice, Minister of State at the Department of Envrionment, Food and Rural Affairs


National Farmers' Union

We’re working hard to secure: continued access to sufficient numbers of workers to pick and pack our crops; a crop protection policy that puts us on a level playing field with the rest of the EU; the continuation and development of the Producer Organisation scheme to support investment in productivity on farm; and commitments from retailers to deliver greater fairness and transparency with their suppliers. Read full pledge


Lantra, on behalf of Tyfu Cymru, pledge to produce an Action Plan for Commercial Horticulture for Welsh Government. This will look at how we can protect but also develop and grow the horticulture industry in an innovative and sustainable way in Wales. Read full pledge

Puffin Produce

Puffin Produce will further develop sustainable horticulture in Wales and contribute to the development of a Wales Horticulture Action Plan with Tyfu Cymru by 2020. We will increase production of vegetables in Wales by 50% by 2020. Read full pledge

Horticulture Forum

The Horticulture Forum NI pledges to ensure that fruit and vegetable growers are represented when lobbing government on horticulture issues that affect their business. The Forum pledges to continue to promote local fruit and vegetables to children and adults as long as they continue to exhibit at Balmoral Show. The Forum will also use it’s Facebook Page to post and endorse vegetable promotions. Finally the Forum will also ensure that incoming office bearers are aware and committed to delivering the pledge. Read full pledge.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union recognise the importance of fruit and vegetable production in Northern Ireland through its contribution to the local economy, the environment and the health of consumers. The UFU is committed to supporting growers’ build resilient, sustainable and profitable businesses through our policy influence in order to increase fruit and vegetable production and subsequently consumption in NI. The UFU pledges to create a vibrant image of fruit and vegetables through social media, local press and grower consumer interactions events.  Read full pledge.

Shopping & Eating at Home

Lidl UK

We pledge to increase our range of fun sized veg to make it more appealing to children; to include one portion of veg (80g) in every ready meal or an equivalent serving suggestion on pack; to include two portions of veg in all our online recipes and to promote veg in store, online and on printed promotional materials.

We will also continue with our other commitments such as putting veg alongside fruit at the front of our new stores and promoting more than six types of vegetables per month through ‘pick of the week’. Read full pledge


We pledge to providing customers with inspiration and recipes ideas, we will positively promote the use of vegetables within scratch cooking at home. We will continue to increase the amount of veg within our customer baskets to help achieve 5 a day.  Read full pledge

Mars Food UK

We pledge to increase the volume of veg in ready meals
and in on-pack and online recipes for meal ingredients and provide a ‘healthy meal’ option each lunchtime that includes 2 of your 5 a day, with no additional cost for the 2 portions of vegetables. Read full pledge

Our Kitchen

We pledge to pack a portion of veg into every main meal and our risotto will be made with veg from local allotments. Read full pledge

Simply Fresh

We pledge to make sure our side dish in evening meal deals always includes both a salad and a vegetable. We will ensure that all retail main-course recipes published across all advertising space includes at least 2 portions of veg. We will do more veg adverts and make them even more appealing, advertising veg weekly on social media  and at least monthly through both print and digital channels. We will put vegetables in higher footfall parts of the store (including through chilled checkouts) and set aside more space for them. We will dedicate promotional space to at least one vegetable line per week.  We also pledge to make it easier for people with Healthy Start vouchers to spend them on fruit and veg. Read full pledge


We pledge to increase sales of veg by adopting new measures which drive increased consumption while maintaining their existing commitments to reduce waste. We also plan to increase the proportion of our ready meals which contain at least one of your five a day. Read full pledge


On top of our existing work to promote veg consumption, we pledge to include a weekly feature on our social media of vegetables and advertise at least one seasonal vegetable in our magazine, online and on our social media every month. We will promote Peas Please to our customers and indicate which cooking sauces include one of your five a day where possible. We will put vegetables at the top of the agenda when planning retail new product design across all our food categories and increase veg options in our lunchtime meal deals. Read full pledge

Nestle UK

We pledge to update all of our retail Maggi dry recipe mix, stock cube and stock pot meal recommendations to include at least two portions of vegetables per serving (on-pack and online) by the end of 2018. This will encourage 3 million people who buy these Maggi products every year to eat more veg.Read full pledge

Association of Convenience Shops

We pledge to incentivise retailers to sell more veg by sponsoring a new award at the Retail Industry Awards, Convenience Retail Awards, and HIM CTP Awards. The award will recognise and reward convenience retailers who increase sales and encourage consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. ​Read full pledge

Scottish Grocers' Federation

Scottish Grocers Federation pledges to continue to work in partnership with the Scottish government to support the ongoing development of the Healthy Living Programme. SGF will use its events, communication channels and stakeholder forums to encourage retailers to participate in the programme and to recognise the benefits of providing customers with healthy eating options, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables.

Birds Eye

Birds Eye pledges to increase TV and online advertising for vegetables by 42% to £4.8m until December 2019. The ads will be shown during children’s TV programming times as well as during peak family viewing, with the nutrition message reaching social media users through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

Birds Eye will increase its vegetable product range, invest in consumer health messaging, and work with all major supermarkets to grow the number of veg promotions in store to attract more families into vegetables and pulses.

Birds Eye will add nine new products to its vegetable range over the next 12 months including pulse and veg mixes.


We will run 12 advertising campaigns to specifically promote veg consumption through the Aldi Super 6. We commit to putting vegetables in higher footfall areas in our stores and dedicating more space to them. We pledge to provide additional promotional space to vegetables, with the ambition of increasing consumption. We aim to increase the amount of vegetables in our online recipes. Read full pledge


We pledge to promote vegetables in our stores and provide more vegetable options in our ready meals. We will promote more vegetables in our ready meals and endeavour to use more veg options where possible. Read full pledge



We pledge to finding new ways of inspiring our customers to incorporate vegetables into their and their family’s diets. We pledge to put vegetables at the top of the agenda of new product development and commit to recommending other vegetable options to our online shoppers. We also commit to positioning vegetables in high footfall areas of our stores. Read full pledge

Mash Direct

We pledge to lead a promotional Eat them to defeat them in Northern Ireland and fund the provision of 45,000 school packs to children in primary school. In addition to this, we will focus on a different vegetable each week to link in with the campaign and promote this on social media every day. Read full pledge.

Eating Out

Sustainable Restaurant Association

We pledge to continue encouraging members and the restaurant sector at large to increase the amount of veg they sell, through our ‘More Veg and Better Meat’ and ‘Kids Veg Out’ campaigns from 2017, and future campaigns in the coming years. Read full pledge


We pledge that 100% of Greggs soup and leaf-based meal salads will  provide at least one portion of veg. We commit to grow the like for like volume each year between January 2018 and October 2020. Through these ranges we will sell an additional 15 million portions of veg over the period from January 2018 to  October 2020.  We also pledge that 50% of Greggs cold sandwiches will provide half a portion of veg. Increased use of veg and salad will be a new strategic criteria for New Product Development. Read full pledge


We pledge to increase the overall percentage of fruit and vegetables in the meals offered via BaxterStorey restaurants in PwC’s offices across the UK, from 15% to 25% by June 2020.

We’ll be testing activities such as: dedicated vegetarian and vegan options, fruit and veg mini-mart stands in offices for easier healthy snacking and Celebrate the Seasons ‘hero’ veg campaigns.

Across the wider PwC community, we’ll raise awareness of the campaign via internal channels and produce quarterly e-recipe cards, encouraging our employees to be vegetable trailblazers at home as well as work. Read full pledge


We pledge to include two portions of vegetables as part of the main meals available within our canteens, in a bid to help feed the 5,000 (Bidfood employees). As well as this, we’re looking to increase the amount of veg based snacks available across our business.

Our Food Development team will begin to develop customer recipes that include hidden vegetables, as well as how to swap ingredients for vegetables that don’t increase the cost of the meal for consumers.

We also pledge to promote vegetables through our marketing channels, where possible. Read full pledge


As a foodservice provider in the UK & Ireland serving around one million meals a day to people in hospitals, schools, the armed forces and prisons, we pledge to play our part to help everyone in Britain eat an extra portion of veg a day. We will support this by increasing the number of vegetables we procure by 10 per cent by 2020, creating more vegetable-focused recipes and continuing to roll out our successful pilot of Green & Lean – our sustainable meals range where all dishes are at least two thirds plant based. Read full pledge


Autograph Education (part of Interserve) pledges to ensure two portions of veg are served in 30% of schools reached through our Brighton and Hove, Bromley and Hastings contracts.  In the remaining 70% of schools we will take steps to support children to eat more veg and take opportunities where we can to deliver 2 portions in every meal.Read full pledge

Castell Howell

Castell Howell’s manufacturing partner, Authentic Curries and World Foods currently produces 3 product lines that contain more than 2 portions veg (>160g). The annual sales of these product lines are expected to be in the region of 50,000 portions for 2018. They also produce 13 product lines that contain at least one portion of veg (80g).The annual sales of this product are projected to be nearly 700,000 portions for 2018. We will endeavour to increase the vegetable content by up to 20% to a minimum of 80g in a further 5 product lines during 2018 with projected sales of around 150, 000 portions. By the end of 2018  we will aim for 21 of  Authentic Curries and World Foods Company’s ready meal lines to contain a minimum of one portion of veg and we will endeavour to ensure that all new product development contains a 
minimum of 1 portion of veg where appropriate.Read full pledge

The Healthy Food Company

We pledge that all 3000 of the main dishes we provide to parents, restaurants, schools and the NHS every day include two portions of veg by 2020 (from a current baseline of 88%). Read full pledge

Soil Association

We pledge to ask all restaurants participating in our Out to Lunch campaign (25 of the UK’s largest chains) to include two portions of veg in every children’s meal and to support menu development to this end. If just half the chains on the league table achieve this it will mean 100 million children’s meal options served with extra veg this year. Read full pledge

The Plough Harborne

We will offer two portions of veg with every kids meal at no additional charge. When customers order a kids meal, we will ask them which two veg they would like, and will have till prompts to help staff remember to ask.  Read full pledge

Brains Brewery Chain

We pledge to increase the portions of veg in children’s meals from one portion to two, working to implement in 30-40 of our restaurants in year one. We also commit to training our staff to enable a culture that supports veg choices and therefore promotes vegetable consumption with our customers. Read full pledge


In our contracts where the client company employs more than 800 people, we pledge to increase the number of promotions within our annual marketing calendar that promote vegetables and menu choices which contain vegetables. Read full pledge. 

bartlett mitchell

We pledge to increase the overall purchase in kgs of veg by September 2019 by 10% on current levels. We commit to providing 100% of our employees by September 2019 with nutrition education. Read full pledge.

CEC Catering

We pledge to increase our veg offer by 20%. We will achieve this by increasing the vegetable content of our hot meals and serving at least two side portions of vegetables with our main meals, as well as offering a salad bar with a minimum of 10 choices. 700 people in four staff canteens will benefit from this increased veg offer each day. Read full pledge


We pledge to continue to develop our educational resources and to inspire and teach about vegetables in every classroom session that our volunteers undertake in schools. We will do this by developing new vegetable-based recipes for schools for both our Healthy Snack Workshops and our Soupathon Project, we will also continue to develop a legacy for the projects by delivering teacher CPD sessions on Grow, Cook Eat projects. We anticipate 6,000 children will be reached by these activities. Read full pledge

Dynamic Earth

We pledge to include two portions of veg in all our hot children’s meals, offer a wider range of veg-based dishes, veg snacks, and salads, and increase the amount of vegetables in all our soups. Through these actions, we will increase the amount of veg we serve each day by 10%, helping our 100K visitors each year eat more veg. Read full pledge


We pledge to serve veg crudités and fruit at children’s parties across all our 46 football centres. The healthy snacks will be served first and promoted through posters across our venues. We expect to serve an extra 100,000 portions of fruit and vegetables in 2019. Read full pledge



We pledge to increase the overall percentage of vegetables purchased across BaxterStorey to an aspirational target of 15% of the total volume of food purchased, by the end of 2019 through a robust programme of innovation and marketing, including pop-ups, events and seasonal promotions. Read full pledge. 


We pledge to increase our procurement of vegetables by 10% based on a 2017/18 baseline. We commit to providing more veg juice, adding more veg to sandwiches in the deli bar and including 40g more veg (on average) across composite dishes. Read full pledge


We will promote Peas Please among all of our clients (who operate in excess of 5000 UK sites) and aim to engage directly with them between October 2018 and October 2019 to encourage them to take action to move towards 2 portions of veg included as standard in a main meal. We will support our clients to monitor their progress via innovative reports that can help them to evidence the increasing amount of veg they are buying. Read full pledge

The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO)

We pledge to actively engage with our members to promote increased vegetable consumption across our communications channels and support their campaigns to encourage students to eat more vegetables. Read full pledge


We pledge to increase the volume (kg) of veg we offer by 20% by July 2020. We will achieve this by aim by using plant-based alternatives to replace meat proteins and driving sales of plant based meals. Read full pledge

Compass Group

We will pledge to increase procurement volumes of vegetables across all sectors of Compass Group UK and Ireland by 15% by 2020. We will ensure that where vegetables are served as a single portion that they are the equivalent of 1/5 a day. Compass Group will also reformulate our recipes to include more vegetable content wherever possible. This includes recipes from all day parts, made on site and bought in foods. Read full pledge

Olive Catering

We will increase vegetable servings by 10%, and achieve this through additional marketing to advertise and promote, as well as e-shots of recipes.  We will promote seasonal vegetables with recipe ideas provided by the Food Innovation Team (FIT) and implement veg smoothie bars in contracts. The FIT will focus the March managers meetings on “promoting vegetables”. Olive Catering will also implement mini mart stands in offices with salad and veg give aways as well as nutritional information. A “meat free day” will be introduced, using a menu that promotes seasonal vegetables. Read full pledge

University of West London

We will increase servings of vegetables by 10% across the Geller College restaurant, students’ union, and Elior’s university restaurant.  This will be achieved by recipe development and pro-veg promotions on site. The University of West London (UWL) will also focus on vegetables as a key food category for sustainability and health within the education of students studying Culinary Arts and Professional Cookery at UWL’s London Geller College of Tourism and Hospitality. Students will also be asked to take an online course around sustainable and healthy food, with a focus on why vegetables are an important part of the solution. Approximately 60 students will take this course. Read full pledge


We will continue to develop our menus to ensure that a minimum six varieties of vegetables and salads are available each week in our customer’s meal experience. We will add extra vegetables to composite dishes on our menus including our ‘Life on the Veg’ and ‘Pulse’ menu specials. We will offer fresh homemade soup as a daily special during the winter months in High Schools which are made from a vegetable base. Read full pledge


We will increase the servings (kg) of vegetables by 10% by July 2020 (veg in this case follows the government’s Eatwell Guide, so does not include pulses or white potatoes).  Read full pledge. 

Havering Catering Services

We will increase the volume (kg) of vegetables served during lunchtime service by 10% by September 2020 in 6-8 of our primary schools (our flagship schools) who are trialling our pledge in order for us to roll this our further within the Borough.

Read full pledge.

Towns & Cities


We pledge to increase take up of Healthy Start vouchers from 72% to 85% (approximately 2,200 more people). We will increase the numbers of retailers who accept outlets and make that more visible. We will include a minimum of two portions of veg in every school meal for over 70,000 Birmingham school children every day and bring our ‘Seed to Plate’ scheme through which pupils learn to grow and cook veg to around 300 Birmingham schools. Our new Great Big Brummie Street Food Competition will support new vendors to launch if they include two portions of veg in their meals. We are developing a public sector nutrition standard in Birmingham and potential providers of food will have to demonstrate how they support groups and the wider population to eat more veg. We will support PhD in Health Economics based at University of Birmingham to work with retailers to increase vegetable purchases. Read full pledge


Sustainable Food City Partnership Aberdeen will work to make healthy and sustainable food a key characteristic of our city. We will increase the focus on vegetables in our work within the framework of the SFC Network, in particular focusing on urban food growing, cookery skills, food waste, and sustainable food procurement.​

Brighton & Hove

We pledge to become a pioneer Veg City. We will work with public and private sector caterers who serve over 1.5 million meals a month, to serve an extra portion of veg with each meal. We will run training for chefs and cooking classes for the public to make veg the star of the plate. We will promote veg eating in schools and nurseries alongside our Sugar Smart work. We will promote the uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers to help low income families with young children buy fresh or frozen veg. We will work with developers to include spaces for food growing and access to places where residents can buy veg within new developments. ​Read full pledge


We pledge to become a pioneer Veg City. We will work with public and private sector caterers who serve over 1.5 million meals a month, to serve an extra portion of veg with each meal. We will run training for chefs and cooking classes for the public to make veg the star of the plate. We will promote veg eating in schools and nurseries alongside our Sugar Smart work. We will promote the uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers to help low income families with young children buy fresh or frozen veg. We will work with developers to include spaces for food growing and access to places where residents can buy veg within new developments. Read full pledge


Cardiff Council, Cardiff Met University, Cardiff University, Cardiff and Vale Health Board, Food Cardiff, Riverside Realfood and Penylan Pantry are all working together to make Cardiff Wales’ first Veg City.  The Council is working towards all Council catering supporting people to eat two portions of veg in main meals provided; in schools catering, staff canteens and external venues. Cardiff Met is pledging to increase all dishes that currently only have one portion of veg to two portions at no extra cost. The flagship hospital staff and visitor restaurant is pledging too and  Food Cardiff will support the whole effort. Read all pledges

Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council will support the city in becoming a Veg City in partnership with Food Cardiff by: Continuing to support the roll out of the School Holiday Enrichment Programme (Food and Fun) in conjunction with partners in areas of need across the city, to ensure children are receiving two portions of veg in their main meal and learning about healthy eating through food and nutrition resources and training. Working towards all Council catering supporting people to eat two portions of veg in main meals provided; in schools catering, staff canteens and external venues.

And promoting the winning Veg Campaign poster for children through schools and council venues. Read full pledge

Cardiff University

We pledge that one vegetable portion (80g) will be included in all our lunch time menus. We will offer and encourage, our customers, to eat more vegetables, by reducing the price of the second portion, to half price. Read full pledge

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Cardiff and Vale UHB commit to increasing the number of portions of veg we sell in our flagship staff and visitor restaurant, Y Gegin, as part of a wider programme of work to  develop healthy options and menu items to ensure a 75% – 25% split in favour of healthy options available at all Health Board catering outlets.  We will monitor progress using our Audit Tool to assess compliance and volume of veg sold. We will also deliver accredited training to Catering Staff to improve their knowledge and confidence to promote healthy options with customers and display the winning Poster in GP surgeries and on hospital screens. Read full pledge

Cardiff Metropolitan University

We pledge to increase all dishes that currently only have one portion of veg to two portions at no extra cost. Additional vegetable portions will be available and will be cheaper than chips. In addition we will advertise the Peas Please logo on all menus. This will apply to almost 600 meals served on campus each day. Read full pledge

Sustainable Food Cities

We are thrilled to announce that following a consultation with Sustainable Food Cities members our next campaign, starting in summer 2018 will be Veg Cities. Over the coming months we will be working with the Food Foundation and other Peas Please partners to build the resources to help other cities get on board with this campaign throughout the 50 strong network of Sustainable Food Cities. Read full pledge

Social Farms & Gardens, Wales

We pledge to lobby for community growing spaces in all communities in Wales that want to work together to grow vegetables.  We will provide support and training to existing and emerging growing projects helping them engage more people in local food production and increase productivity.  We will continue to raise the challenges and push for more support for sustainable horticulture. Read full pledge

Riverside Real Food

As a strategic member of the Food Cardiff partnership, Riverside Real Food commits to supporting Cardiff to become a Veg City. We will do this through promotion of the Veg City campaign at all of our farmers markets – up to 180 per year, through selecting producers working with local veg, on social media, and hold/support promotional events. Read full pledge

Penylan Pantry

Penylan Pantry will support Cardiff to become one of the first Veg Cities. We will do this by continuing to develop our innovative, personal and sustainable approach to selling veg, serving delicious veg dishes in our cafe whilst ensuring waste is kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, we will support Cardiff’s bid to become a Veg city, supporting the campaign and encouraging other businesses to get involved through events, social media and particularly through a Meal Squared Roots to Leaf collaborative business supper. Read full pledge

City of Glasgow College and BaxterStorey

Baxter Storey and the City of Glasgow College (COGC) commit to work in partnership to offer more veg on our menus daily, aiming to serve 20% more veg in 2018-2019. We will promote vegetables through pop up stands, events for our students with veg demos, and Veg days throughout the academic year. Read full pledge

Monitoring & Learning


We commit to helping everyone to eat more vegetables by working with businesses via our existing industry-facing programmes to encourage them to help customers throw away less vegetables and get vegetable portion sizes right. ​

We commit to help consumers eat more vegetables and waste less by improving labelling information on fresh produce as part of developing new labelling guidance for business.​

We commit to help everyone eat more vegetables and waste less by improving measurement of food consumption.​ Read full pledge

GroentenFruit Huis (Fresh Produce Centre), The Netherlands

The Dutch vegetable industry, united in the GroentenFruit Huis (Fresh Produce Centre) commit to focus on innovation of product and services in their business with the United Kingdom, with the aim of increasing consumption and to promote a healthy diet, for children in particular. Efforts will continue to provide more attractive, sustainable and high quality products, also in terms of packaging, labelling and ​marketing. Best practices for driving increased consumption in the wider society (such as healthcare) will be actively shared with UK partners by the Dutch National Action Plan for Fruit and Vegetables​. Read full pledge