Scotland’s food insecurity crisis, worsened by Covid-19, is set to enter a new phase, says new report  

The food insecurity crisis in Scotland, which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus lockdown, is far from over, says a report published this week by the Poverty and Inequality Commission. The report calls for renewed action from the Scottish Government to alleviate the next phase of the crisis. 

A survey of front line Scottish community organisations undertaken by Glasgow Caledonian University on behalf of the commission, the Scottish Government’s independent poverty advisers, found that headway has been made in terms of emergency food aid provision since the start of lockdown. However, the report shows that community organisations face increasing demands for food which are expected to rise further. This is attributed to more local vulnerable individuals affected by poverty becoming aware of help available and more people being newly impacted by poverty and food insecurity. 

Read the full report here. 

Professor John McKendrick, of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Commission, presents data from the report, in the Food Foundation’s latest webinar here 

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