PARENTS AND CHILDREN TELL THEIR STORIES: listen to families across the UK as they explain what it’s like to struggle with food access during lockdown

We spoke to families from all over the UK about their food experiences during lockdown and the challenges they are facing as the coronavirus pandemic progresses. Listen to their stories below.

Fayeth (Young Food Ambassador) on free school meals

Listen to Fayeth's story

Felix on how COVID-19 impacts his large family

Listen to Felix's story

Tia (Young Food Ambassador) on frozen food and benefit bums

Listen to Tia's story

Shane (Young Food Ambassador) on what food poverty looks like and his fears about life during the corona pandemic

Listen to Shane's story

Plamena on being a young carer

Listen to Plamena's story

Aimee on being a mother when times are really tough

Listen to Aimee's story

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