Government extends funding for breakfast clubs until 2023

The Department for Education has announced it will be extending funding for breakfast clubs until 2023 with the aim of helping ‘make sure thousands of children have a healthy start to the day’. An estimated £24 million will be made available to continue supporting breakfast clubs over the next two years.

The Government had initially committed launched a programme in 2018 with £26 million in funding. A further £11.8 million was allocated in 2020 to extend the scheme to this year.

Reacting to the statement Alysa Remtulla, head of policy and campaigns at Magic Breakfast, said: “Magic Breakfast welcomes any new funding for school breakfast provision as we continue on our mission to ensure that no child in the UK is too hungry to learn. The funding announced by the DfE today, however, falls short of the proposed School Breakfast Bill. The DfE are proposing to support approximately 2,500 schools with short-term funding, however, we believe there are approximately 8,700 schools in disadvantaged areas of England with children at risk of hunger who would benefit from permanent and secure breakfast funding.” 

Last month the Food Foundation joined Magic Breakfast and more than 30 charities to write a letter to Vicky Ford MP, asking for a new funding commitment from Government on breakfasts. In October 2020, Emma-Lewell Buck MP presented the School Breakfast Bill to Parliament and it passed its first reading. However, due to Covid-19 disrupting Parliament it is unlikely the Bill will now pass.

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