Vegetable Summit 2018 – the first Peas Please progress report is here!

Vegetable Summit 2018 & Peas Please progress report

8th October
City Hall

We’re all familiar with the importance of our ‘Five-A-Day’, but too many people in the UK, particularly those on low incomes, are struggling to eat enough vegetables. Peas Please was launched last year to unite organisations and businesses across the food system in tackling the problem and driving up veg consumption in each of the UK’s four nations.  

Peas Please has worked directly with 41 pledgers and collaborated with more than 150 organisations to shape a food environment in which vegetables are accessible, affordable and appealing. At the Vegetable Summit 2018, we’re bringing together public authorities, businesses, campaigners, leading civil society organisations, academics and the full spectrum of actors from across the food system to celebrate the impact we’ve made so far and plan for the challenges ahead.   

Today also sees the publication of the first Peas Please progress report, which details the action taken by Peas Please pledgers since they first committed to support veg intake eight months ago, and examines opportunities for effecting meaningful change in the next few years.  

With the initiative extended to 2022 and 15 new pledgers already on board for the coming Peas Please year, the next phase promises to be very exciting indeed.  Have a look at the programme for the Vegetable Summit 2018, and press releases covering catering and retail developments are available too.