Veg Advocates

Over 100 Veg Advocates Recruited!

Peas Please has now successfully recruited over 100 people from across the UK to become Veg Advocates. Applications are now closed but if you would like to get involved with driving up veg consumption then why not contact your nearest Veg City?

Our newly recruited Veg Advocates will be working with us to help drive the enormous changes needed in our quest to get everyone eating more veg. We hope that their voices, through the Peas Please initiative, will be effectively channelled towards businesses and organisations in the food chain to encourage them to up their veg game. Peas Please will be listening and engaging with people’s experiences to ensure what we do is relevant and makes a meaningful impact. Advocates will use their veg experience to give advice about what’s been done so far and what needs to happen now to get the nation eating more veg.

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What will Veg Advocates be doing?

Advocates will be challenging the food system to do better, to support a national cause of improving diets through changing food environments. Peas Please businesses and Advocates will work together as part of the programme so that each can better understand the barriers to increasing vegetable consumption in the UK. Advocates across the UK will be involved for the next three years in the following activities:

  • Making a veg positive difference in their communities
  • Working with the Peas Please partners on dietary inequality
  • Engaging with Peas Please Pledgers and policy makers
  • Running new veg activities in their communities
  • Engaging with Research and Evaluation

Over the coming years we will be sharing findings from the Veg Advocate Programme. Watch this space.

Notes from the veg advocates meeting

For more about the Veg Advocate programme contact:

Scotland: Simon Kenton-Lake:
Northern Ireland: Kerry Melville:
Wales: Pearl Costello:
England: Sophie Peters:

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