UK FOOD TRACKER: latest impact on food

Food Foundation analysis on how COVID-19, Brexit and other factors are impacting our food system, and affecting citizens in the UK

The Big Picture: A wider look at our food systems, and how we feed ourselves

How are current global events impacting on food prices, trade, how and what we’re eating, and our health? COVID-19, Brexit and a range of other factors are having a significant impact on the UK food system and how we feed ourselves. To understand what this means for citizens, we are monitoring trajectories for these variables:

  • Food prices
  • Infection and mortality rates
  • Fruit and vegetable sales
  • Social cohesion and food poverty

Follow system-wide developments here as we track shifting challenges and demands in our food system.

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  • Food Industry: How is the industry responding to wider food system issues?

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  • Fruit and vegetables: what is affecting availability and access to fruit and veg?

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