Young Food Ambassadors and Dame Emma Thompson launch the Children’s Future Food Inquiry final report in Westminster

Today the Children’s Future Food Inquiry‘s young Food Ambassadors will join Dame Emma Thompson at a Westminster event to celebrate the publication of the Inquiry’s final report.

View their #Right2Food campaign film here, and listen to Dame Emma Thompson talking about the Inquiry on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

The report includes the Children’s #Right2Food Charter, which calls for a new, independent Children’s Food Watchdog to lead the charge on tackling children’s food insecurity in the UK.

One in three (4.1 million) children live in poverty in the UK, with an estimated 2.5 million living in food insecure households.

The Children’s Future Food Inquiry is the first attempt to directly and systematically seek the views of children and young people living in poverty across the UK. It has spent 12 months investigating children’s food insecurity in each of the four UK nations, and the project’s final report pulls together direct input from hundreds of young people, the front line staff, academics and experts.

The #Right2Food Charter included in the report presents the Inquiry’s young ‘Food Ambassadors’ (aged between 10 and 18 years) own recommendations for loosening the grip of food poverty on children in the UK and improving their access to enough nutritious food.

Dame Emma Thompson, Children’s Future Food Inquiry ambassador, said: “In a wealthy society that claims to value compassion and humanity, how can we tolerate the injustice of millions of children going hungry?

“In face of the government’s refusal to help, the Children’s Future Food Inquiry has brought together hundreds of young people to hear about their lived experience of food poverty, and it’s time we listened to what they say. It’s the younger generation who will deliver the change that’s so urgently needed: we must act now to ensure every child in the UK has their right to food.”

Follow the report’s launch live on Twitter at @CFFinquiry and join the conversation with #Right2Food. 

Download the #Right2Food Charter and your copy of the report. The press release is available here.