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The Peas Please commitments framework includes two commitments for retailers.  One focuses on vegetables in composite foods including ready meals.  The other refers to point of sale strategies to drive up sales.  This commitment is as follows:

Retailers commit to re-evaluate the way they sell vegetables, adopting “new measures” to drive increased consumption while maintaining their existing commitments to reduce waste

The menu of “new measures” was developed through a series of workshops involving large and small retailers, civil society groups. civil servants and academics.  We consulted retailers extensively during the finalisation of the menu.

We have compared the menu to a recent academic review of effective actions to drive up fruit and veg sales.

This review recommends developing actions which focus on 3 main objectives: making fruit and vegetables more CONVENIENT, ATTRACTIVE and NORMAL to purchase.

The review shows that actions can be grouped according to these objectives and according to whether they are focused on in-store/online SIGNAGE, STRUCTURE or SERVICE.

We have colour coded and added symbols to our actions accordingly to demonstrate how they align with the Retail Intervention Matrix proposed in the academic review.

Want to pledge to sell more veg? Summit details

  • Invest in at least one seasonal (or frozen/tinned) vegetable TV advertising campaign per year (not inc. Xmas), where veg is the lead
  • Ensure there is at least monthly veg (fresh/frozen/tinned) advertising through both print and digital channels
  • Ensure the main website landing page and fresh produce landing page always includes a veg photo or meal suggestion including veg
  • Ensure online checkout prompts always include a veg suggestion/prompt, incorporating some variety
  • Ensure all retail main-course recipes published across all advertising space includes at least 2 portions of veg.
  • Retail social media to include appealing mention of veg every day
  • Siting vegetables in higher footfall parts of the store (including through chilled checkouts)
  • Siting vegetables with other ambient cooking aids to support whole meals
  • Ensure that “additional promotional space” is given to at least one vegetable line per week
  • Allocating a higher proportion of floor space to veg
  • Improving the number and appeal of promotions including vegetables
  • Introducing new and improved signage for vegetables in store
  • Skewing loyalty card rewards to increase incentives for buying vegetables
  • Increasing presence of vegetables in lunchtime meal deals through increasing the % of main meal options with a portion of veg and ensuring there are at least 3 snack options which include a portion of veg
  • Ensuring that the side dish in evening meal deals always includes both a salad and a vegetable option
  • Implement link save promotions for veg lines with ambient cooking sauces and spices giving customers inspiration
  • Take steps to make it easier for people with Healthy Start vouchers to spend these on fruit and vegetables
  • Harmonising veg offers (range, price, and inclusion within promotions) between retailers’ supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Ensure increasing veg use and presence is at the top of the agenda when planning retail NPD strategy across all food categories
  • Retailer product development teams will encourage and actively promote the use of veg in new products
  • Increase the use of veg products by retailer-employed chefs on innovation days and press days
  • Demonstrate leadership in incentivising producers and suppliers to develop new products