We're hiring for 2 exciting new roles

Citizen Engagement Manager

About the opportunity

This role will lead our work with our adult Food Ambassadors. Our goal is to have a group of 30 adults who want to work with us to change the food system, and have experience of living on a low income, to ensure everyone can eat a healthy and sustainable diet.

The postholder will be responsible for recruiting new adult Food Ambassadors and nurturing and supporting them going forward, ensuring that The Food Foundation’s evidence and recommendations for action are informed by their living experience. The post holder will work within our communications team to increase the impact of our media and social media engagement by giving opportunity to Ambassadors to explain the reality of the food system’s impact through their personal stories. The post holder will also work with our business and policy engagement teams to create opportunities for Ambassadors to provide advice on priorities for our research, the development of policy and practice recommendations. They will also be the organisational safeguarding lead and responsible for the development of strategic thinking on our work with citizens.

The role will report to our Head of Communications and work with up to two roles working on youth engagement.

Youth Engagement and Campaigns Co-ordinator

About the opportunity

The Youth Engagement and Campaigns Coordinator will be embedded within The Food Foundation’s Children’s Right2Food Project and communications team - a multi-year programme aimed at tackling childhood food insecurity and inequalities in obesity by working towards the implementation of the Children’s Right2Food Charter. You will be working directly with a group of 30 young food ambassadors who are aged between 14-20 from low-income backgrounds working to combat diet inequalities and effect change across the food system.

We want to develop our youth engagement campaign work, building young people’s capacities to campaign for change, directly targetting national government and industry actors. We also want to work with our young food ambassadors to build and shape effective campaigns in their local communities that will underpin their national advocacy efforts.

The postholder will inspire our young food ambassadors to campaign and give them the tools, network and influence to make change happen locally and nationally, giving their lived experience and passion the right platform to have an impact – this may be through government, parliamentary and/or business engagement, creating stories for the media, harnessing the voices for social media content and delivering impactful events.

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