Join our team of trustees!

Young food ambassadors

Does the thought of joining the board of a young, dynamic, impactful and independent UK charity working to influence the food policy get you excited?

The Food Foundation is a small but feisty multi award-winning charity set up to address the growing food poverty in this country – and we mean poverty not just in terms of quantity of food but quality – healthy diets.

We research, campaign, advocate and work with all parts of the food system to address the key challenges that we have identified:

  • Children are arriving at school overweight and malnourished at the same time.
  • Families are struggling to feed their children.
  • The food system is not serving society well and that policy is still ignoring its responsibilities to ensure that we have a healthy population.

Come Join us and make the difference to the nation’s food system!

The deadline to apply is Monday April 8th, 9am. Please read the recruitment pack below for details of how to apply.

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