Our Adult Food Ambassadors have living and lived experience of food insecurity.

Food insecurity means the inability to afford, or to have access to the food that makes up a healthy diet. Households who have experience food insecurity may have had to skip meals, eat smaller meals or go without food sometimes. 

Adult Food Ambassadors are willing to share their story to raise awareness about the impact of food insecurity and barriers preventing them from accessing sustainable and affordable healthy foods such as by contributing to our Breadline Voices blogs.

    Meet our Adult Food Ambassadors

    Who are Adult Food Ambassadors? 

    Adult Food Ambassadors are 21 years and above, from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about making sure that every person in the UK can access and afford healthy and sustainable food - no matter their background or income. 

    A head shot of Dominic
    Dominic Watters
    Adult Food Ambassador

    Dominic Watters, also known as Single Dad SW, comes from the most deprived blocks of his council estate. He has used his experience of the daily realities of poverty to help inform discussions about fuel and food insecurity. Dominic highlights the snobbery he has faced when shaping the concept of ‘living experience’, that stresses the urgency required to address the inequalities experienced by the poor long before the cost-of-living crisis was conceived. Releasing his first book in 2021, that now has been reviewed in a leading academic journal and is stocked in university libraries across the country, Dominic invites the reader into an environment drenched in poverty to raise awareness of the challenges faced by so many, and as noted by Azra Bloomfield, “This book is a mark of respect to everyday people”.  Dominic says that his writing has been a lonely pursuit at times but felt great encouragement through receiving endorsements from Sir Michael Marmot, David Brindle, and Anna Taylor of the Food Foundation. Throughout the Covid crisis Dominic not only identified the gaps in social work professional frameworks but also created the Food is Care campaign to initiate discussions about the food insecurity experienced by children in care. The Food is Care campaign went on to conduct research into how widespread food insecurity was amongst children in care and service users with Dominic presenting the findings to the Department for Education and the author of the Independent Children’s Social Care Review. Dominic’s impactful appearances on BBC Newsnight, Sky News, and the New Statesman to name a few, have shown him to use every platform he can access to speak up for the marginalised and often unheard. Now widely regarded as a voice of poverty and on the editorial board of the British Journal of Social Work (Oxford University Press), Dominic has designed a ground-breaking training that promotes a Food Insecurity Best Practice model to those supporting the most disadvantaged in our society.

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    Kathleen Kerridge
    Food Ambassador

    Kathleen Kerridge is an office manager and freelance writer from Portsmouth, and has been campaigning against Food Insecurity since January 2015 when she personally faced the realities of Food Poverty in modern Britain.

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    Food Ambassador Dan White
    Dan White
    Adult Food Ambassador

    Dan is a proud dad to his National Diversity Award winning daughter Emily who is a wheelchair user. As well as being a children's author, columnist and broadcaster on the issues of Disability and care, he is also policy and campaigns officer at Disability Rights UK.

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    Join us, share your story and help change the food system!

    You will have the opportunity to do many things by working with The Food Foundation; feeding into our policy proposals and recommendations for action, taking part in events with the media, businesses and policy makers and helping to explain the reality of the food system’s impact on people’s lives through personal stories.  

    Recent campaigning moments our Adult Food Ambassadors have taken part in include an event we staged in the House of Lords to launch our flagship 2023 Broken Plate report and another organised in the House of Commons in partnership with Which? highlighting the impact of rising food costs.

    How to become an Adult Food Ambassador

     You can do it in just two steps! 

    Step 1: Please send an Expression of Interest (approximately 450 words long) telling us why you want to volunteer at The Food Foundation. Send your expression of interest to volunteering@foodfoundation.org.uk

    Step 2: Have a chat with our Citizens Engagement Coordinator about why you would like to volunteer with us and find out more about The Food Foundation.

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