Research suggests people are eating more fruit and veg in lockdown

It is unclear yet whether people in the UK are eating more or less fruit and veg during lockdown but some studies are beginning to show that people report buying more. This is backed up by evidence from Kantar, reported in our Big Picture section , that more fruit and veg was purchased in March – though sales went up less in this category than in others. A survey of nearly 11,000 shoppers in 11 countries (Australia, Belgium, Chile, Uganda, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Greece, Canada, Brazil and Ireland) co-ordinated by the University of Antwerp in Belgium has released preliminary findings showing that shoppers have cut spending on ready-made meals and bought more fruit and vegetables, turning to healthier eating during coronavirus lockdown.

In the UK another survey of 2,000 adults by OnePoll and commissioned by Uber Eats, found one in five are enjoying more of their five-a-day now than they did previously. However, 61% said they would like to broaden their horizons by trying more exotic fruit and veg options and 58% wished they knew more about different fruit and veg they could eat. The research also found that the average adult eats around four different varieties of fruit and vegetables a day.


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