NEW FOOD FOUNDATION DATA: Veg Box sales increase by 111% in six weeks as a result of Covid-19

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  • New data from the Food Foundation shows that UK veg box sales have increased by 111% in the six weeks between the end of February 2020 and mid-April 2020
  • A survey of 101 veg box schemes across the UK shows weekly sales of veg boxes have more than doubled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  • 82% of box schemes now have waiting lists and are closed to new orders, with the average waiting list numbering 160 customers
  • A total of 3.5 million veg boxes are likely to have been delivered since the beginning of March, but if waiting lists could be met, 5.3 million veg boxes could be supplied over the next six weeks
  • 65% of box schemes are actively prioritising key workers, the vulnerable or isolating
  • Veg box schemes are calling for support in the form of Government investment grants to help upscale fruit and vegetable supply to meet increased demand. 

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