Experiences of Fruit and Veg access

During July we collected nearly 100 people’s stories from across the UK of accessing fruit and veg during the pandemic. Here is one person’s experience: 

“I have been shielding for the duration so far due to being in the clinically extremely vulnerable patient group. This has meant I’ve had to rely on supermarket deliveries when usually I would purchase fresh fruit and veg in independent greengrocers. Ordinarily I select fruit and veg with minimal or no packaging and buy in season produce as much as possible but my ability to do this has been affected by being shielding and also by my income being reduced as a result of COVID-19. The fruit and veg I was able to get from the supermarket has been of lower amounts, quality and variety than usual. I managed to get on a wait list for a local veg box scheme and finally started getting deliveries in June which has made a huge difference to the quantity and quality of the fresh fruit and veg in my diet and has improved my general well being too. It’s a shame I could not access that sooner but I am happy I now have this reliably.” 

This story was collected as part of the Peas Please initiative’s Covid-19 work. A summary report on how citizens have experienced accessing veg during Covid-19 is coming soon. 

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