Experiences of Fruit and Veg access

During July we collected nearly 100 people’s stories from across the UK of accessing fruit and veg during the pandemic. Here is one person’s experience:

“I have been shielding so access to food generally was terrible in the early days. Specifically, fruit and veg, I found a local farm doing home delivery a few weeks into lockdown. It was expensive though. Then I managed to grab Iceland home delivery and got frozen greens and berries. Now we can travel in Wales I have had lovely fruit and veg at an affordable price from Abergavenny Market. I have continued with Iceland for frozen veg and berries as they were the only stores who had delivery slots and I went to continue to give them my custom. I will continue to visit the market too.” 

This story was collected as part of the Peas Please initiative’s Covid-19 work. A summary report on how citizens have experienced accessing veg during Covid-19 is coming soon. 

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