AHDB Levy ballot to be held

At Fresh Produce Journal Live (FPJ Live) today, the annual fresh produce event, Nicholas Saphir revealed that a petition by 8% of all horticulture producers has successfully triggered a vote on the statutory levy paid by horticultural producers. Levy payers, probably in January 2021, will get a chance to vote on whether the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will continue to provide a statutory levy-funded service to horticulture producers or not.

Some producers have argued that the Levy does not offer good value for money and is disproportionate to their profits, especially given increases in costs seen as a result of COVID-19. AHDB state they would rather work with industry to enhance the offering, modernise the way levy is collected and continue to work with growers to improve efficiency and profitability. All will get a chance to present their views before the ballot is held. Ministers will get the final say.

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