Veg Retreat

This event is a 2 day retreat held in Birmingham is to immerse participants in the reality of the food environment, as part of our veg project.  Up to thirty participants from multiple sectors and sub-sectors within the food industry, creative industries and digital industries have been invited to attend the retreat.

Participants will be presented with the Fact File and a Problem Tree of challenges in the vegetable supply chain. The retreat will include a one day immersion and fact finding around the challenge in
Birmingham, followed by a one day workshop to reach agreement on the prioritised supply side barriers (inc. gov policy, business practice and legislation) to vegetable consumption within and beyond the following themes:
  • UK vegetable production
  • Routes to market
  • Point of sale, advertising, and formulation
  • Waste and packaging
  • Public provision
  • Innovation and R&D

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.