VEG FEST: a week long e-conference celebrating all things Veg!

We – Peas PleaseVeg Power, and Veg Cities – brought together our community of cities, organisations, and individuals to discuss what place vegetables have in food policy, our diets, and the post-Covid-19 food environment. Veg Fest was our week long e-conference which saw the first ever Peas Please Prize winners, heard about the amazing results of the 2020’s Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign, and much much more!

You can watch and listen to recordings of all the Veg Fest webinars below.
We look forward to welcoming you to future webinars and events.


Watch our panel discuss how to become a Veg Nation


Watch the announcements of the first every Peas Please Prize winners


Click here for watch the panelist discuss the challenges and opportunities for veg 


Hear about consumer veg habits and ways to transition towards more sustainable and healthy diets


Watch the results of Veg Power 2020 and more

Part one           Part two

Hear from the Veg Cities coordinators and our Veg Advocates 


Watch the cook along here

Click here for the ingredients and utensils needed for the cook along!