Peas Please Pledgers Conference (invitation only)

This one day, invitation only, conference brings together the trailblazing pledgers from the 2017 Peas Please Vegetable Summit and new potential pledgers who are getting ready to secure their commitments. The attendees, joined by our project strategy and advisory board will work together as a Peas Please community to build on the 2017 pledges.

The event will look at how pledgers can build on and strengthen their pledges and ways in which we will measure and evaluate their progress to ensure maximum impact for the healh of the UK public.

New pledgers can gain inspiration from what has gone before and discuss new ways of taking one step even further when pledging for more veg in their organisation’s commitment.

We will begin with dinner on the 14th March followed by a full day interactive conference on the 15th March, both of which will be held in Birmingham.

For more information, please contact