Nutrition Smart Cities (Invitation only)

We are a developing a new city partnership between Birmingham and Pune city in India. The project is called BINDI – the Birmingham India Nutrition Initiative.

The Birmingham Smart City Alliance are convening an invitation only workshop to focus on the following key questions:

How can we use the principles of smart cities to help tackle malnutrition in all its forms?

By malnutrition we mean everything from low access to healthy foods (due to poverty or proximity to healthy retail), to obesity and undernutrition.

We would like to gain advice on the following:

1) Who are the leaders in Birmingham who should be involved in helping to shape the priorities of the partnership?
2) How can smart city approaches be applied to engaging citizens in asking what their priorities are for the partnership? How has Birmingham done this in the past?
3) What smart approaches being used or planned in Birmingham could be usefully tailored or developed to help tackle malnutrition in all its forms?

Find out more about the project here.