Children’s Future Food Inquiry final report launch (Invitation only)

The Food Foundation will be launching the Children’s Future Food Inquiry final report on the 25th April 2019 at the Assembly Hall, Church House, Dean’s Yard, Westminster.

The Inquiry focuses on the food situation of children living in poverty across the UK. It draws on a wide variety of evidence from all four UK nations, but places a central focus on listening directly to disadvantaged school-age children about their experiences food, and what can be done to build a healthier future. This final report includes a set of recommendations which will be presented at the launch.

It is now estimated that over four million children in the UK are living in poverty. Poverty has many consequences, but one of the most devastating effects of living below the bread line is not having access to affordable and healthy food. Food insecurity is now being experienced by children across the UK at unprecedented levels. For millions of our children, not having a hot meal at school or home is a regular occurrence and this can lead to poor health and an inability to concentrate or learn at school.

We need urgently to deliver robust policies to tackle the issues which the Inquiry has identified.

Please join us at the event to find out more and hear how you can help to deliver change.

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