The average monthly percentage change in average retail prices (CPI) for UK fruit and vegetables

With Covid-19 continuing to impact on all parts of the food system and with the potential to impact on UK imports and exports of food, we’ll be monitoring the Consumer Price Index (CPI) average retail price data every month to track average UK food prices.

We’ll be focussing on fruit and vegetable prices, as we know that these are an important part of a healthy diet but are typically more expensive per kilocalorie than other more energy dense foods. As perishable items that are often heavily dependent on seasonal horticultural labour, they are also vulnerable to price fluctuations.

We first compared average percentage changes in price over 12 months compared to a fixed point in time (January 2019). We’ve done this for fruits, vegetables, and all foods in the CPI basket (143 items that have been consistently measured since January 2019).

We’ve also looked at month-on-month price changes for 2020 so far for fruit and vegetables. Here we’ve compared the month-on-month average percentage price change of all items in each category (fruit and veg) compared to the same month-on month average percentage price change in 2019.

To date, average retail prices of fruit and veg appear to have dropped very slightly since the start of the year. It will be interesting to see whether this trend persists as we enter the harvest season for the Northern Hemisphere.


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