Spanish study shows consumers ate more healthily during the first three weeks of lockdown

A new study looking at the results of a survey undertaken with over 7,500 people during the first three weeks of Spanish lockdown, has found many reported following healthier dietary behaviours compared to pre-lockdown. Spain went into lockdown on March 14th.

The web-based questionnaire found that many reported eating fewer fried and processed foods and snacks, and cut down their consumption of red meat, pastries, and sugar sweetened beverages. Interestingly, respondents reported eating more foods that followed the Mediterranean style diet, such as olive oil, fruit, veg, and legumes during lockdown. Although these are positive findings, it is unclear as to whether the shift towards this more Med-style diet was driven in part by shortages of certain foods in the shops. The study also found that these behaviours decreased after the initial three weeks of lockdown.

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