New survey from the British Nutrition Foundation shows children and adults feeling healthier as lockdown restrictions ease

A new survey from the BNF, released as part of Healthy Eating Week 2020, has revealed that 50% of primary school children and 26% of secondary school students say that they feel better or healthier now that they are back at school. 27% of adults report that they feel more healthy since lockdown restrictions were eased (July) compared with the stricter lockdown earlier this year.

This survey follows on from a previous BNF survey in June, and finds that many are still reporting increased snacking and finding solace in ‘comfort foods’ as a response to increased feelings of anxiety. Nearly half (46%) of adults and 43% of secondary school students said that they have consumed more chocolate when feeling tired, stressed, bored or anxious throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, with similar patterns observed for crisps and snacks. Well over a third (35%) of all adults say that they have consumed more alcohol when feeling tired, stressed, bored or anxious during the pandemic. 

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