New report finds gap between consumer and industry expectations of food system change following Covid-19

A new report, ‘Building Back Better: Fixing the Future of Food’, undertaken by Veris Strategies in collaboration with 25 food industry and sustainability experts including the World Resources Institute, has found there is a gap between consumer expectations of the effects the pandemic will have on food and what the industry feels it is able to do to deliver change.  

80% of the 1,000 consumers polled as part of the report felt Covid-19 had affected how they think about and value the food they buy and eat, with nine out of ten saying they expected change to follow that would lead to healthier, more sustainable and ethical food consumption. Yet while the majority (78%) of the industry experts polled believe the pandemic has exposed ‘serious weaknesses’ in the food system, 96% thought the UK food system is ‘not yet equipped to deal with the long-term impacts of Covid-19’. The report suggests expanding the concept of ‘sustainability’ to focus more on consumers’ health, recommending the food industry do more around equitable access to food. 

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