Latest CPI data shows fruit and food prices rose in October

The latest report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on UK inflation has found that the 12-month inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index, was 0.7% in October 2020, up from 0.5% in September. Food was one of three sectors contributing the most to the upward trend (alongside clothing and furniture, furnishings and carpets), with the largest downward trend – unsurprisingly perhaps, given the second wave of lockdowns – coming from recreation and culture. Food prices rose between September and October, with most of the rise coming from fruit and potatoes/tubers. Analysis from the Food Foundation shows that, although food prices rose month on month, prices remain below 2019 levels. However, the rise in October is notable, particularly with the possibility of a no-deal Brexit in January looking increasingly likely.

Food Foundation analysis shows that the retail price of fruit rose 1.15% in October compared to the preceding month, with September also seeing a 1.62% increase in the cost of fruit compared to August.  Seasonal fruits including melon, strawberries and raspberries all saw the largest price rises. The price of those vegetables monitored by the Food Foundation decreased by – 1.34% in October compared to September, but this excludes tubers and potatoes, which saw an increase of 0.82% between September and October. 

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