Home working and lockdown are changing how we lunch according to a new survey

With up to 50% of workers still working from home rather than in offices according to ONS data, a recent survey by the online delivery company Just Eat has highlighted changes in lunchtime eating behaviours following lockdown.  The survey of 1500 workers found that many are turning to tried and tested ‘on the go’ options, with 34% reporting a decline in the quality of their lunch. Thirty-nine percent said they opted for just a packet of crisps on most days and a further six percent admitted to eating cold baked beans straight from the can. Thirty percent said they usually have a cup of coffee rather than a meal, while 36% rely on instant noodles and 19% turn to ready meals. 

Biscuits (27%), bars of chocolate (30%), potato waffles cooked in the toaster (6%) and jam on toast (17%) were reported as other  popular lunchtime options, suggesting a potential shift towards energy dense options.

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