British Nutrition Foundation Survey finds disparate responses in eating patterns during lockdown

A survey conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to coincide with this week’s Healthy Eating week has found a diverse range of responses in eating and exercise patterns in the UK during Covid-19. 2,067 UK adults were surveyed between 3rd – 4th June 2020, with the survey finding that while 27% of respondents feel they have been eating less healthily during lockdown, 50% said their habits have not changed, and 22% say they have been eating more healthily than usual. Among those who reported that they were eating less healthily than before Covid-19, stress, anxiety and boredom were cited as the main reasons for doing so, although 30% said not being able to shop as frequently as they would like had also negatively impacted on their diet. 19% have been getting better at using store cupboard ingredients, and 23% have been trying new recipes, with just 7% of people getting more takeaways.

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