Vegetable sales increase during lockdown according to Kantar sales statistics, but still broadly in line with seasonal fluctuations

Data kindly provided by Kantar

Data kindly provided by Kantar to the Peas Please initiative shows a mixed picture where vegetable sales during lockdown are concerned. Sales of vegetables have risen since lockdown, with just over 30 million portions of vegetables sold in the four weeks ending 17th May – up from just over 25 million for the four weeks ending 23rd February. Although this is a positive sales increase, it may be driven in part by the closure of the out of home sector which has led to an increase across all food categories in grocery sales. Moreover, compared to previous years of vegetable sales, the increase is broadly in line with annual seasonal fluctuations in the percentage of shopping baskets that consist of veg. Veg sales typically increase during January, then decline, before rising again in early summer and then decreasing during autumn and winter. As we move into late summer it will be interesting to see whether vegetable sales in 2020 buck this trend and continue to rise.

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