The average monthly percentage change in average retail prices (CPI) for UK fruit and vegetables

What we did

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to measure inflation, tracking the average retail price of ‘typically’ purchased goods in the UK. Although retail prices are just one aspect of food prices and, like all averages, cannot capture local differences or access issues, they are a good indication of general pricing trends. The Office of National Statistics releases this data on a monthly basis, including the average prices for a basket of roughly 150 food and drink items.

We used the CPI’s average retail price food datasets as they provide a large selection of typically purchased foods. We focused on the 20 fruits (fresh, canned and dried, excluding juices and smoothies) and 17 vegetables (excluding potatoes) in the basket.

We’ll be using the CPI to track food prices on a monthly basis, so come back regularly to check average percentage price changes for all foods in the CPI basket.

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